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Antique & Personalized Alberta Licence Plates

Antique Vehicle Plates

A vehicle must be over 25 years old to qualify for antique plates. Antique license plates are intended for vehicles that are only operated in connection with car shows, car meets, car rallies, parades, and other official car club functions

Personalized Plates

  • Personalized plates are custom ordered and take from four to six weeks from the date ordered to receive the plates.
  • Personalized plates may be used on vehicles registered as a private passenger or commercial use vehicles such as cars, SUVs, pick-ups, vans, and motor homes. 
  • You may purchase a gift certificate for a personalized plate on behalf of another person. 
  • The plates can be mailed directly to the registered owner or to our office and we will notify you for pick up. Once the plates are received the registered owner must turn in the existing plates and pay an exchange fee.
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