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Non-Reciprocal Countries

A person coming to Alberta from outside Canada may apply to have their previous driving history credited to their Alberta driving record. The foreign documentation must be submitted to the government so that previous driving experience can be verified. A successful application will grant exemption from the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program and allow for Class 5 road testing without being required to hold a Class 7 drivers licence for one year.

Steps for GDL Exemption

  1. Study for Class 7 Learners knowledge exam (click here for more exam info).
  2. Come into the Registry with all of the ID requirements (same as requirements listed here) and take knowledge exam.
  3. Once the knowledge exam is passed, the foreign licence is surrendered, and an Alberta learners licence is issued.
  4. The government will investigate the surrendered foreign licence and approve or deny GDL exemption. The processing time is approximately three (3) weeks.
  5. Once approved, book and pass a road test to obtain a Class 5 drivers licence.


The requirements for India are more specific. The steps are followed above, but include the following age limitations:

  • Experienced drivers under the age of 25 who have recently immigrated to Canada may submit an Indian licence for approval to take a Class 5 Basic road test only. Once the road test is passed, the client will be a Class 5 GDL driver for two years, at which point they may exit the GDL program.
  • Experienced drivers 25 years of age and over who have recently immigrated to Canada may complete a government-certified driver education course. You may complete this education course at any local accredited driving school. The course certificate is then submitted to the Registry and sent to the government for processing. After an approximate three-week time period, the client will be approved to book and pass a Class 5 Advanced road test to become a fully classed 5 driver.
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