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License Plate Transfers

Transferring A Registration

To transfer your existing vehicle registration to another vehicle you will need an Alberta driver’s license, proof of ownership (original documents only), and proof of insurance. 
In addition to the above requirements, if the vehicle was purchased from outside Alberta, the vehicle must be physically in Alberta and have an out-of-province inspection, a salvage inspection, or a commercial vehicle inspection. One of our Agents will review the documentation and provide you with the appropriate inspection request form that you must take to a licensed inspection facility.

Vehicles that are exempt from obtaining an inspection include off-highway vehicles, prorated vehicles and trailers.  Other exemptions that may be available:

  • Dealer owned demonstrator vehicles
  • New vehicles from a jurisdiction within Canada (including Alberta)
  • New vehicles from a jurisdiction outside Canada. 
  • Vehicles from Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Manitoba less than 4 years old and being registered to the same individual.

Each of these exemptions has its own requirements that must be met in order to qualify. One of our agents can assist you in determining if you fall into one of these categories.

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