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Alberta Commercial Vehicle Registration & Pro-Rate

Commercial Vehicle Registration

There are a number of different commercial plates available based on use of vehicle, passenger capacity, territory of use, and gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the vehicle. The type and cost of the plate required is based on the above factors. 
You are required to provide us with the estimated GVW of your vehicle. The GVW includes the curb weight (vehicle when empty) plus fuel, passengers, cargo, and trailer tongue weight.

Important Note: For All Commercial Vehicles With A GVW Over 11,794 KG Or Passenger Capacity Of 11 Or More Including The Driver. You will be required to obtain a Safety Fitness Certificate and a Commercial Vehicle Inspection.

Safety Fitness Certificate
To obtain a Safety Fitness Certificate we will provide you with an Application for a Safety Fitness Certificate, which must be completed and sent to Alberta Transportation, who reviews the application and issues the permanent certificate. While your vehicle can be registered during this time, it is not able to transport goods or passengers until the Safety Fitness Certificate has been issued.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection
Completion of a Commercial Vehicle Inspection is required as part of the process to obtain the Safety Fitness Certificate. The Commercial Vehicle Inspection must be completed by an approved inspection facility. The approved facilities stock all necessary forms, and they will notify Alberta Transportation directly when the inspection has been completed.


  • All Pro-Rate Permits are issued by Alberta Transportation and must be approved by Alberta Transportation before we are able to issue any documents. You must submit all required information to Alberta Transportation first then visit our office in person and present your MVID number, Fleet number, and Supplement number.
  • We will confirm your Pro-Rate Status online, and once confirmed we will process and issue the required documents.
  • Fees are determined by Alberta Transportation and must be paid in our office before receiving your documents.
  • If more information please contact our office or visit Alberta Transportation Online.
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