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Alberta Vehicle Seizures Information

If a vehicle has been seized and the registered owner’s license is not under suspension, then the registered owner may apply for an early release of the seized vehicle. 

  • To do this the registered owner must purchase and submit an Application For An Early Release to Alberta Transportation. These applications are available in our office and may be obtained in person only during regular office hours.
  • You may make an application to be heard in person or you may make a written application.

With this application you are requesting an in person hearing with Alberta Transportation, to explain why you deserve and are in need of an early release.

With this application you are explaining your reasons for requesting an early release in the application, and mailing or delivering the application to Alberta Transportation.

NOTE: Neither of the above Applications will guarantee an early release of your vehicle and the application fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
For additional information regarding vehicle seizures refer to the  Government of Alberta Link.

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